Hopeware is focused on creating simple technology solutions for those that bring hope – specifically, nonprofits and religious organizations.

Over the next 12 months, be on the lookout for several new technology products designed to help nonprofits and religious organizations grow.

From the CEO

It is my pleasure to lead the Hopeware team as we continue to innovate on behalf of nonprofits and religious organizations around the world.

I’m a preacher’s kid that grew up in a church that was constantly searching for ways to simplify and relieve the increasing pressure on staff and volunteers. As our church grew, things didn’t get easier. The need for more consistent communication and systems grew as well.

My experience co-founding Church Fuel showed me that my hometown church wasn’t alone. We worked with thousands of churches, providing practical content and training. It became clear that organizations need help automating the important and reducing the complexity of new technology.

Many solutions available to churches are complex and really expensive.  Our focus is on keeping the technology simple and easy to implement. We know that no matter how many bells and whistles a technology has, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t being used.

I’d love to connect and answer any questions that you may have.

Rob Whitmire
Co-Founder & CEO